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About MGRX

MGRX is a 2D graphics library derived from the GRX library. GRX was originaly written by Csaba Biegl for DJ Delorie's DOS port of the GCC compiler.

MGRX supports four platforms: DOS (DJGPPv2), Linux console, Linux X11 and Win32 (TDM-GCC). On DOS it supports VGA and VESA compliant cards. On Linux console it uses the framebuffer. On X11 and Win32 it runs in a window.


MGRX is a fork of GRX. Because I liked the GRX C API interface, I began to maintain GRX when it was orphaned at the end of 2000. But GRX has not only the C API, it has a Pascal API, a BGI compatibility API, support for Turbo C, Wattcom, MSC and some X11 implementations over mainframes. At the end it was not funny, it was easy to break things I didn't know (and I didn't want to know). So I stopped maintainig GRX at the end of 2003.

After that I developed a fork for my own use, only the C API, no Pascal, no BGI, no Turbo C support, only the 4 platforms I can test. It has a new (and better I think) input API and some (limited) international support. I have released it for fun, maybe it can be useful for someone.

Supported platforms

Latest versions of OS, compiler, and key software tested:



Current release

MGRX v1.1.0
  Tar.gz format: mgrx110.tar.gz (1424763 bytes)
Zip format: (1424763 bytes)
MD5 sums:   55568a8dc244bd602f41584c046ecc9c
f1d113afb8879296795e5db431994fdf mgrx110.tar.gz

Older releases

MGRX v1.0.0
  Tar.gz format: mgrx100.tar.gz (1278260 bytes)
Zip format: (1714202 bytes)
MD5 sums:   7461a28eba8ef70574f2d0f339d528c3
b80ac0a024c166a116dee07cfd590f50 mgrx100.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.9
  Tar.gz format: mgrx099.tar.gz (1280167 bytes)
Zip format: (1711903 bytes)
MD5 sums:   e4ea789dd2b475b65d7711f4b9c2946e
1beba5b0a847393ab3c546c31663a2f5 mgrx099.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.8
  Tar.gz format: mgrx098.tar.gz (1266805 bytes)
Zip format: (1696387 bytes)
MD5 sums:   08f0b52018afc82276e2dd1e909a347f
58207976f78a9499c1938b14399dc3cf mgrx098.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.7
  Tar.gz format: mgrx097.tar.gz (1267175 bytes)
Zip format: (1696618 bytes)
MD5 sums:   cb4d977db809a84885e0ce953baac346
4461cc2ecc09e188fb49cee58b6ba41a mgrx097.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.6
  Tar.gz format: mgrx096.tar.gz (1266267 bytes)
Zip format: (1695931 bytes)
MD5 sums:   f10255d15a22672671def58ae1778f23
686ac970a180a93c63e700044d9c2074 mgrx096.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.4
  Tar.gz format: mgrx094.tar.gz (1202565 bytes)
Zip format: (1701358 bytes)
MD5 sums:   e8efedcbe3bb6c6f90f86438aa4a1328
cc277004b8af613c942000504a092c43 mgrx094.tar.gz



GChart is an add-on, by me, to the MGRX graphics library. It draws bar, line and area charts in a graphic context.

Download: (16049 bytes)

MD5 Sum: 8f781633c9b2c6984201a3777a0c575f

LFP fonts for MGRX

These MGRX fonts were converted from the (now defunct) Linux Font Project packages:

All the fonts are in the public domain.

Download: (177659 bytes)

MD5 Sum: fc709f6d0f4afc087f0f258a926b3a22


Bezier is a first try to draw bezier curves using MGRX.

Source code: bezier.c



Parchis is a very popular board-game in Spain. It can be played by up to four players. The program can handle any combination of human beings and pc-driven players.


Mandel, by Richard Sanders, is a nice program to render the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Download: (27485 bytes)

MD5 Sum: 3b723ad40f062692f023d59b40f779a7

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